Re: Aroids in terrariums

Jean asked about aroids which are suitable to terrarium growth, and as I have
suggested in several other posts about terrarium growth ( on other lists ),
the size of terrarium or plant case, along with how much you want to fool with
it/replant it/disturb it are major factors to consider. One of Dewey's favs.,
Caladium humboldtii 'Marcel' is doing real well for me.  There are also
several smaller Anthurium species (collected, species unknown), an unknown
and unflowered species which I think is in the genus Stenospermation, several
smaller cultivars in the genus Homalomena which do well in smaller conditions.
I have a plant that very closely resembles Anthurium clidemioides (sp?) that is
a wonderful terrarium species with incredible leaves. Alocasia reversa stays
small enough that it is proving a good mid-sized terr. plant, and several other
smaller Alocasias are also good.  I also grow a stay-small species of
Syngonium which I don't think has ever been named - I received a piece of it
from the Marie Selby Gardens many years ago - dark-velvet green with a silvery
mid-rib; it grows a half-dozen leaves or so, and then stem with occasional
nodes for a foot or so before leaves resume or new shoots start.  There are
lots of possibilities for ones that stay fairly small.  And, of course, if you
don't mind redoing your terratium once or twice a year, you can go with many
others as well if you get starts or seedlings, because it takes them a while
to get established.  Then again, once they are established, when you go to
pull them out you discover root systems several feet long running under all the
soil in the terrarium - I try not to go that route myself.
	I hope that this helps answer the question.  There are those who just
dump a Philodendron or Pothos into a terrarium with some water and gravel
when they're raising frogs - as you can tell by the listing above, that is not
the kind of "effort" that I have in mind when I talk about terrariums and
plant cases.  Good Growing to all.
- Jonathan

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