Anthurium bakeri

Hello Aroiders,

Your suggestion that the mystery anthurium sounded like a. bakeri was right
on the money!  I was able to positively identify the unknown anthurium in a
photograph in a book titled "Exotica"  that was on hand at the greenhouse
where the plant is growing.  It is absolutely a. bakeri. I was mistaken in
my description.  I was also able to secure about 40 more seeds from the
almost spent spadix.  The last batch of seed went out to three aroid-l
members,  and I kept about 10 seeds myself.  They have already germinated, 
and mine are showing signs of developing their first true leaf.  So,  first
come - first served,  if you want some a. bakeri seeds,  drop me a line. 
Trades are most welcome.  

Jaime Rodriguez     
P.O. Box 871394                                    /  \        /\   /   \ 
Wasilla, Alaska, 99687                          /     \     /  \/       \
USDA Zone 3 & 4                                /v^v^v^v\_/v^v^v^v^v^v\                            /           /                 \           /            /                    \

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