Re: Acorus tatorinowii continued

Okay, here is the deal.  Hope that I can help a little bit on the subject. 
I am co-authoring the genus Acorus with Prof. Li Heng for the English 
Flora of China.  So far, I have seen quite a few specimens of the genus.  
Prof. Li recorgnizes four species in China:

A. calamus
	var. calamus
	var. verus
A. tatarinowii
A. rumphianus
A. gramineus

Acorus tatarinowii stands out well from A. gramineus in the herbarium.  Of 
course, whenever I have an inflorescence.  I do have problems to tell A. 
tatarinowii from A. rumphianus.  But I need to convince Prof. Li that they 
should be the same.  Cheers,


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> Dear Aroid-L;
>         Did a quick check through my Chinese books and find that The
> "Iconographia ..." (a sort of reader's digest condensed Flora of China)
> calls A. tatorinowii a synonym of A. gramineus.
>         A Dictionary of  Chinese Flora list Acorus with four species, but
> only discusses the 2 in China (gramineus and calamus).
>         A look at inventories shows A. tatorinowii in the collections of
> the Hangzhou and Nanjing Botanical Gardens. With MBG's close ties to
> Nanjing , Tom C. could snap up a plant in moments, I'd bet.
>         The truth is out there.
>         Jim W.
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