Re: Small aroids


This plant you mention is Syngonium rayi. It was collected in Costa Rica at
the La Selva Biological Research Station. The plant grows in very deep shade
as a terrestrial, creeping along the ground. It was collected in 1985 and was
finally identified in 1991 by Croat. Check with Tom for more details.

Donna Atwood
Selby Gardens

In a message dated 97-11-06 05:12:08 EST, Jonathan Ertelt wrote:

<< smaller Alocasias are also good.  I also grow a stay-small species of
 Syngonium which I don't think has ever been named - I received a piece of it
 from the Marie Selby Gardens many years ago - dark-velvet green with a
 mid-rib; it grows a half-dozen leaves or so, and then stem with occasional
 nodes for a foot or so before leaves resume or new shoots start.   >>

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