Terrariums - where to get?

An employee in my department will be having a surgical procedure performed
this next week.  A collection was taken and it came up with approximately
$250.  (She's obviously well liked.)  I've been put in charge of trying to
find an appropriate get well gift.  She's interested in plants but lives in
a small apartment.  I thought that a terrarium with built in lighting would
be the perfect gift.  I could then put in some of the miniature aroids that
so many are discussing.

I've looked through the web but am finding very little.  Can someone in
this group help direct me towards a terrarium with built in lighting
(decent lighting, not a dim 10 watt lavender "plant light").  

In fact, is there such a set up?  If not, this might be a golden business
opportunity for one of you out there.


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