Re: Terrariums - where to get?

Lester - Your friend is indeed well liked to warrent such a collection. . .
unfortunately, a complete terrarium set-up with good lights (generally
on a timer) and such are outrageously pricey.  What I would suggest is 
shopping about a bit to see how prices are on aquariums, and combine that
price with a two foot, 4 bulb unit from Lowes or home Depot or the like,
along with a pice of thick plexi-glas or regular glass with the edges smoothed
or lexan to fit the top of the aquarium.  You cold likely get a good sized
aquarium (that is, you _could_), a piece for the top, and the light fixture for the money you suggest, and probably have some left over to invest in gravel,
soil, etc.  You might want to look into building a stand for the light fixture,
maybe from PVC pipe material.  This would be the route that I would suggest,
unless you know a cabinetmaker/carpenter that can build a case for the
fixture to go into - that might be another avenue to explore.
Good luck with this project - a wonderful gift for your friend.
- Jonathan Ertelt

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