Re: Terrariums - where to get?

Well after totally failing to find a pre-fab terrarium with strong
lighting, I managed to find a quadruple light fixture for a 36 x 18 tank.
The fixture allows a total of 4 twenty watt bulbs.  Assuming that the tank
I put it on isn't very deep, I predict that 80 watts of lighting will be
adequate.  It'll just barely come into budget.  The fixture alone is
running about $170 through a discount aquarium supply house.  The full hood
will supply the necessary water retention.  

Now to find appropriate plants in the near freezing November weather.  It's
too late to ship tropicals, so I'll have to depend on cuttings and local
nurseries for plant material.

This may be such a great present that I may have to purchase one for myself.

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