Re: Terrariums - where to get?

Les - Your 4-bulb fixture sounds excellent for the 36x18 tank.  My only
caution would be that a fixture like that could produce a lot of heat for the
plants - for some certainly more than they would prefer.  I would offer several
suggestions.  Even though you wrote suggesting your lack of interest in
constructing anything yourself, 4 pieces of 1x3 or 1x4 could easily be put
together to form a rectangular "stand," raising the lights up and supported
by the aquarium/terrarium walls.  This alone would put the heat source
further from the plants, and likely still provide enough light for most 
tropicals you would have in a terrarium that size.  Another option would be to
get into the fixture and remove the ballast (of course keeping the wiring
correct) so that the ballast can be located a bit further away - the ballast 
being the main heat source with flourescent fixtures.  A third alternative
whaich was suggested on this or another of the plant list-serves to whichI
belong is the possible introduction of one of the small square electronics
cooling fans used in computers and such to keep the equiptment cool.  This 
might be difficult to install into this set-up without doing a raised stand
i.e. my first suggestion.  I recently put one into a large plexi terrarium
I have, and I have it hooked into a 24 hour x 1/2 hour increments timer, and
it comes on 4 times a day.  After some initial adjusting on the part of the 
plants, I think that all are doing better now, with minimal reduction in
humidity levels.
Good luck, and Good Growing.
- Jonathan Ertelt

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