Re: Anthurium media wrote:
> Peter,
> There was an article in this month's AOS Orchids magazine about ground up
> tires used as a medium.  Apparently, it comes in varying sizes.  This too is
> worth a try--perhaps mixed with other  materials.
> Lynn Hannon

Members, be aware...

I am involved in the recycled industry and ground up tires are what we
call "crumbed rubber".

There are many varieties of rubber crumb as there are many varieties of
rubber. The rubber is cured with different chemicals when it is made,
and there is seldom little, if any, cleansing of the recycled material
before or after it is crumbed. So, you get whatever was mixed in with
the tires when it goes into the crumber. (wire, glass, dirt, metal,et.)

Just for jollies, search crumb rubber on the NET and look for

I believe that you would need to get SBR rubber in a large crumb size,
ie. 4 - 10 mm in order for orchids to begin to drain properly.
Personally, I would stay away from the idea unless you know where your
rubber has been...


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