colocasia non-tubers

It's that time of year and I'm digging up my colocasias and alocasias
before the frost for a change.  Usually I try to dig through frozen, thawed
and now-mushed leaves to find tubers.  Anyway, it makes me realize that
there's a great variation in tuber formation in these plants.

Perhaps the best example is the plain Colocasia esculenta.  Some of these
have the typical cone shaped tuber at the base of the stalk.  This is even
true for some of the smaller plants.  Others look like roots coming out of
the base of the petiole with no tuber at all.

C. antiquorum illustris, C. fontanesii, C. "Burgandy stem" and C. "Blackie
alias Black Magic alias Black leaf alias Voodoo alias whathaveyou" formed
no tubers at all.  They have roots coming out of what looks like the base
of the massed petioles.

So the question is:  for those Colocasia that formed no tuber, is there a
way to safely store them out of the soil over the winter?  shall I just
save several inches of "base of petioles" in vermiculite?  I'd rather not
have to purchase these over again and so will grow smaller pieces of them
over the winter if I have to.  With the limited space, though, I'd rather
store them in a bag.

I'd appreciate any help.  

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