not-so-variegated Alocasia micholitziana variegata

I have (or perhaps should say "had") a variegated Alocasia micholitiziana
"Frydek".  It came with one macerated leaf and an active growing tip.  The
next 3 leaves were nicely variegated and the plant continued to grow quite

The last leaf to come out was solid green with some very faint lighter
green discolorations.  A new leaf now is also nearly totally green with
little if any variegation.  

Do these plants revert?  Have I spent a near fortune for a plant that I
already had?  Is there anything I can do to increase its variegation?  The
light level had actually increased when the variegation began to decrease.
It was outdoors at the time and night temperatures were dropping into the
low 50s.  It's now indoors and the light level has consequently dropped but
the temperature has increased.

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