Re: not-so-variegated Alocasia micholitziana variegata

Well the "good" news (perhaps) is that the most recent leaf to come out
just opened up today.  It's pseudo-variegated as opposed to the last leaf.
The previous one (yes, it was cold at night at that time - mid 50s) was
solid green.  This latest one grown indoors is variegated with a light
green against a dark green.  If those who've suggested stress or getting
established are correct, then I'd like to think that the next leaf will be
a bit more variegated.

I've been working far too many hours to update my web pages with these
images.  This next week, when my schedule lightens up a bit, I'll upload
some images of this not-so-variegated alocasia as well as the
occassional-tubers on Colocasias and last of all my assembly line of
caladium tuber preparation.

Perhaps when some look at the not-so-variegation, you'll have some

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