rooting plants from leaves

Dear aroid propagators:

I have found that the genus Chlorospatha can be propagated from a leaf.
By leaf, I mean the petiole and leaf blade.  I placed the petiole of
Chlorospatha croatianum in a peat and perlite mix in a warm humid
growing area and it sprouted roots after 6-7 weeks.  It is now sending
up a new leaf.  I realize that a few other genera can be propagated in
this way, such as Gonatopus, Zamioculcas (from leaflets), and also
Amorphophallus.  But are there other genera that have been propagated
in this way (not by tissue culture)?  I'm planning a little experiment
here with Jane Whitehill and would like to know what genera have previously
been rooted this way and what you all might suggest that would seem
the most likely to work.  Thanks!

Kathy Upton
University of Missouri-St.Louis

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