Re: rooting plants from leaves


I think we talked about this subject a little several years ago and then
didn't keep up on it.

I have tried several other Amorphs since then with mixed success, which is
what I expected. Some are fairly easy, requiring only a relatively small
piece of leaf and with an average success rate of 2/3, while others won't
strike - for me - no matter what I do.

I can't tell you what the difference is, but I can usually tell by looking
at the leaf of a species whether I'm going to have any success with it.
(This is completely unscientific in that I have no theory to explain that
empirical observation, and no hard evidence to convince anyone else.)

In stark contrast to Gonatopus, where leaflets which fall from the leaf
spontaneously root and form new tubers without my intervention, rooting an
Amorph. leaf requires my help. I haven't tried to propagate my
Zamioculcas, but I haven't noticed any new plantlets turning up in the
pots either.

I suspect that some Dracontiums may be propagated this way, too, but I
haven't tried it yet. I have a nice large leaf on one coming up now, and
it may give some surface area to "science".


-- Steve Marak

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