Re: Dracunculus vulgaris

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Waddick" <> writes
>Dear Aroid-L and International Bulb Society (address deleted)
>       There has been a few comments on the International Bulb Society
>email robin about the foliage patterns of  Dracunculus vulgaris. I hope
>both Aroid -L and the International Bulb Society can shed some light on
>foliage patterns in this species. Can anyone comment?
>       Is the amount of white/silver in the foliage
>       -       genetically stable or variable?
>       -       related to geographic origin?
>       -       found in specific patterns?
>       -       associated with named forms?
>       -       coorelated with spathe colors?
>I quote:
>       Some "Dracunculus vulgaris have green leaves or are ... marked with
>white/silver.  Which is "typical"?
>               J. Waddick
>       "Both plain green and silver-streaked leaves are typical of
>Dracunculus vulgaris; the degree of streaking varies quite a lot and some
>clones are very well marked indeed.
>       I believe that I'm right in saying that most Dracunculus in
>commerce (at least in the past) have been wild collected and therefore the
>cultivated stock is very variable, unlike the grim uniformity of most bulbs
>propagated commercially.
>               J. Grimshaw
>       Thanks for input                Jim Waddick
I believe it is also true that the division between plain leaves and
streaking is at least partly geographic.
All the forms I have seen in Crete have been streaked - no plain leaves
at all, whilst on Rhodes I recall plenty of plain leaved plants but none
with streaked leaves.
Martyn Denney
Farnborough, Hampshire, UK.

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