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> > I personally like the idea of archiving.  Archiving a list such as
> > Aroid-L has many practical benefits. But there are those, and I respect
> > their rights, who object because of personal privacy issues, and some
> > even are concerned with issues of copyright.
> Mallorn Computing does archive some lists (I don't recall if AROID-L
> is among them) on a Web Page.  They keep them in their original
> form, stating the author and context in which the postings were
> made.  There has been a lot of fuss over copyrights, etc. regarding
> Mallorn's Site.  I do not see that they are 'ripping off' anyone,
> and they provide a valuable service to listgroups such as our who
> would like easy access to archive data.  They currently archive the
> Medit-Plants discussion which I started a few years ago, and some
> members find it very useful.

Hi everybody,

   When Mallorn first started doing the archives, they were meant for
   internal use within the company.  Unfortunately, the URL somehow
   became public, and many people were upset (and rightfully so).

   Because of that mishap, we now only maintain archives for lists
   that want to be archived, but I do keep my own personal set for other
   lists that I subscribe to.

   We would still be happy to archive aroid-l in a web-based format with
   a search engine; our overall goal is dissemination of knowledge. 
	If you'd like to look at some of the lists, visit

> If people are very concerned about copyright infringement, then they
> should not post to internet discussion groups until such time as the
> laws and regulations of this medium become stable (probably a very
> long way off).  If there are people concerned about privacy, then
> the internet is not the place to be (there isn't really any privacy
> to speak of, even if there is a perception of privacy).

   To some degree this is true.  Under current laws, it's illegal to
   even READ email (because the computer makes an unauthorized copy
   into its memory and then onto the screen).  Hopefully all of this
   will be ironed out in the near future, although current legislation
   seems to be leaning towards the removal of privacy.

   Because we recognize that some people are uncomfortable with their
   materials being available to a wider, unknown audience, we do allow
   users to disallow mail messages from our archives.  By adding
   special headers or keywords in the message, your posts will NOT
   be archived.  This is in the FAQ at:

   Mallorn Computing and I would be thrilled to see aroid-l become
   a participant in the spread of knowledge to the online 
   horticultural community.

   Let me know if there's anything more that I can do, but please answer
   privately if the whole list doesn't need to be involved.  I don't 
   want to clutter the list with any more non-aroid information...



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