RE: Thrips

Dear Julius,

   Yes, I'm sure about it. They are ugly thrips. The youngsters are 
whitish and don't fly. The adults are dark brown and fly. I have seem 
both stages and there is no doubt they are thrips. I tried soapy water 
and didn't work (now they are just clean thrips). I tried a piretroid 
insecticide to garden plants and they liked it. I think they are 
insecticide-addicted! Now I think I have to try something stronger. 
Obviously I'm also proceeding lots of hand picking but they are too small 
(approx. 1mm long) and it is a boring work. Dynamite would work but I 
think my plants wouldn't enjoy it. I will try some clues that people told me 
and will tell all of you what happened. 



> Dear Eduardo,
> Are you sure that they are thrips?  Here I am sometimes attacked by aphids and 
> red spider mites, and I use a systemic insecticide called "Marathon" which 
> works, even on some scale insects. If you can not get Marathon where you are, 
> a strong jet of water to wash them off, the use of a soap (NOT detergent!) 
> soultion sprayed on them, or the use of a dilute sprayable insecticide are the 
> only things that I can think of recomending at this time.
> Cheers, and good luck!
> Julius

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