Re: Curcuma neilgherrientis culture?

John Mood wrote:
> Dear Clarence H.,
> Thanks for the info and could you expand on who runs this net?  I am a
> Zingiberaceae specialist working with several taxonomists on SE Asian plants.
> Also, if any aroiders have specific questions on Zingiberaceae, that cannot
> be found readily, please contact me directly at
> John Mood
> Research Consultant,
> Zingiberaceae and Tropical Fruit
> Waimea Arboretum and Botanical Gardens,
> Hawaii
> >John Mood wrote:
> >>
> >> Dear Barbara,
> >> Obviously you need to be on the non-existant ginger net, but to answer
> >
> >John (and other aroiders)-
> >
> >There *is* a ginger net, so to speak (  The
> >postings are ususally about gingers, heliconias, bananas, etc.  I don't
> >have my "subscribe" instructions handy but I recall that you subscribe
> >to this list in the usual way.
> >
> >Clarence Hester
> >
> >
> >
Hi Fellow Aroider,

The Hedychium coronarium is hardy in my yard, US plant zone 7. They
bloom from late summer til fall. They are still blooming. We have not
had any frost so far. The weather here has continued to be very mild.
80s F daytime high and 60s F nighttime low. This plant has never bloomed
for me this long before. The fragrance is heavenly. March 1993 was the
first time that I planted this plant. I have it planted in the
background behind my mail box.

Judy Bauer
8440 Huckleberry Trail
Concord NC 28027

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