'The Genera of Araceae'

Hello Everybody,

My copy of 'The Genera of Araceae' just arrived today and I've been
unable to tear myself away from it since opening the box! This truly is
the most comprehensive compiliation that I've seen done on any plant
family for many years and without a doubt, is the definitive "Bible" and
ultimate reference book on this family of plants! If you haven't already
purchased a copy of this book, if at all possible get one soon; Every
Aroider should have their own copy in a special place on the shelf. My
deepest appreciation to you Peter and all others involved in creating
this work that has to be seen to be believed.

I'll probably end up with severe eye strain and a new prescription for
eyeglasses, but I'm going back to my copy now and hanging up the 'Do Not
Disturb' sign for the rest of the day.

Kind Regards,


Douglas Burdic

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