Re: Re. M."warmingii"

Hi Peter

Thanks for the information.  I will go down to the greenhouse and add 
yet another label to the pot.  Isn't taxonomy wonderful? :)  It's 
actually quite an attractive plant - I  must find out the original 
source of it - they might know where it originated.

What sort of aroids do you grow?


Nick Miller
Rotorua, New Zealand.
>    Re. Monstera "warmingii"
>     Nick, I think you will find that your M. "warmingii" is the same
> tissue cultured junk plant that has been doing the rounds in Australia
> for some years under the name of "Raphidophora freckles". (yes the
> spelling is as good as the ID)
>     In recent years it also seems to have done the rounds of
> collectors as M. "standleyana" but think you will find that it is
> actually M. lechleriana.
>     Read page 47, "A Revision of Monstera" by Michael Madison.
>     Peter.

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