RE: Coconut husks

From: on behalf of Peter Randall
Sent: 	Wednesday, October 15, 1997 9:19 AM
Subject: 	Coconut husks

>>  Re. Anthurium media and coconut husks.

    Coconut husks are an excellent media to grow most Anthurium's but
it is essential that the husks be composted for at least twelve
months, eighteen is better. Little else is needed except slow release


Dear Peter, 
I no longer grow Anthuriums, but used to do so many years ago in Trinidad.  We 
used the "fresh" but DRIED husks from coconuts with no noticeable ILL efects, 
but do agree that the roots seemed to be "happier" and the plants did " 
better" when the husks had "aged" for a few months.  I think that the word 
"composted" may confuse some growers, who will have to wait YEARS for the 
husks to decay to "compost".  I feel that the sections of husk could just be 
left in a pile under a tree, for say 6 months, then could be used with great 
results.  What say you? 
I would guess that the husks would work equally well for Monsteras, Philos, 
Julius Boos 

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