Re: Curcuma neilgherrientis culture?

Dear Barbara,
Obviously you need to be on the non-existant ginger net, but to answer the
question:  the beautiful small, yellow flowered Zingiberaceae will usually
go dormant around this time of year.  Here in Hawaii I just let them go
dormant and pay no further attention.  They do get rainfall during this
period, which doesn't seem to affect them.  They come back as one of the
early flowering species.  Also I've never saw a 2 ft. tall specimen.  Most
are less than 1 ft. in our conditions and the Flora of Punjab describes it
as shorter than 16 in.
So you either have a very healthy plant or it is not C. neilgherrensis
(proper spelling).  The inflor. is normally no more than 4 in. long by 2 in.
dia. with bright yellow flowers and pale yellow-green bracts.  It originates
from India and was described in 1853. Good luck with whatever you have.
Send me a photo and I'll give you an ID.

John Mood

>I just received a gift of this Curcuma neilgherrientis and it is quite
sturdy in
>an 8" clay pot, stands about 2' tall. For winter care, should I keep it growing
>in the warm greenhouse, or let it dry off or what? Any help would be
>Barbara M. Humphreys

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