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From: on behalf of Clarence Hester
Sent: 	Saturday, October 04, 1997 11:52 AM
Subject: 	Re: Jungle Plants

sean & madeline sims wrote:
> Hello to all:
> I am a new "listee" as of yesterday and this is my first attempt at a
> mailing list.
> I have been collecting various Aroids now for about 9 months and I can't
> seem to get enough of them, specifically the large leaf varieties. I
> have not had the best of luck in locating a number of the plants I
> desire to add to the collection.
> I obtained a few from Glasshouse Works but I didnt realize that they
> were going to be so tiny. Novice mistake.
> Is there anyone who knows how or where I could possibly obtain any of
> the following:
> Xanthasoma Sagittifillium
> Philo Sagittifilium
> Philo Imperialis
> Philo Evecherii
> Philo Evansii
> Philo Magnificum
> Philo Speciosium
> Alocasia Odora
> Alocasia Macrorhiza
> Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.  Thank You.
> Sean

>>You should not have any trouble locating the Xanthosoma Sag., Alocasia
O. or Alocasia macro.  I can give you an X. sag probably next spring, or
at least direct you to a source as there is someone who sells this plant
not too far away from me.  You should also try X. violaceum (or is it
violacea? I forget the proper latin form).  

If it's size and speed you're into, I've also got a great Xanthosoma
that came from someone's back yard in Homestead, Fl (don't know the
botanical name).  Given good conditions, it will grow to tremendous size

With patience, the alocasias you mention will also get large, but not as
quickly as the Xanthosomas in my experience.


Dear Sean,
The easiest way to get big Xanthosoma sagittifolia and X. violacium is to find 
a Jamaican Grocery Store; X. violacium is sold as "Red coco", and you can buy 
the corms by the POUND, and cheap!!!  Then find a Cuban Store and ask for 
"Malanga blanca", OR "Yautia blanca", this will be X. sagittifolia, and  if 
you get lucky you can sometimes find "Yautia amarilla", which is a species of 
Xanthosoma with greyish or silvered leaves.
Good luck.

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