Re: Jungle Plants

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> Dear Sean,
>  The easiest way to get big Xanthosoma sagittifolia and X. violacium is to 
> find 
>  a Jamaican Grocery Store; X. violacium is sold as "Red coco", and you can 
> buy 
>  the corms by the POUND, and cheap!!!  Then find a Cuban Store and ask for 
>  "Malanga blanca", OR "Yautia blanca", this will be X. sagittifolia, and
>  you get lucky you can sometimes find "Yautia amarilla", which is a species

> of 
>  Xanthosoma with greyish or silvered leaves.
>  Good luck.
>  Julius


In a store near me I found tubers they referred to as 'White Coco'.  Could
you tell me if this is "Malanga blanca"?
The large grocery stores nearby sell tubers just labeled 'Malanga', is there
a way to know which species this is ?


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