Re: Sauromatum venosum

I also confirm multiple leaves. For years mine have had 1,2 & 3 all at
once or one after another. I have never seen 4 leaves. Big tubers or
small doesn't seem to make a difference. Most of mine are now going
dormant and I have cut back on water. I will be digging them up in a
couple weeks for storage here in zone 4.


Rand Nicholson wrote:
> >several people on this list confirmed that multiple leaves are common.
> >Sauromatum is much hardier than some bulb suppliers would make you believe
> >(I've seen it rated in an otherwise very reliable catalog as US zone 9
> >(low temp 20F == -7C).  In fact, it has survived in the US zone 6 (low
> >temp -10F == -23C).
> I leave mine outside in large pots or containers, right up until the tops
> are knocked down by a hard frost (they turn to mush, overnight). After a
> day or two if there is no rain, I dig them up and store them dry. Three
> leaves are not a regular feature, but not uncommon for a well grown, fat
> tuber, in my experience.
> Sometimes the little tubercles, or offsets, will put up three leaves, one
> after the other. By the time the third leaf is out, the first has (usually)
> gone by and the second is showing signs of stress.
> Kind Regards,
> Rand
> Rand Nicholson
> New Brunswick
> Maritime Canada, Z 5b
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