Typhonium behaviour


I have about 25 species of Typhonium growing and the experiences I read
so far on aroid-l are all REAL! However, most of my plants, as many
phalloids, have synchronized with West European seasons, meaning they
grow from April to ca. mid October. To prolongue growth and flowering I
use a liquid fertiliser every three weeks (npk: 15-15-15 but I never
tested other compositions). Typhos may indeed have a very short growing
period but that is usually when they are not happy. When their cycle has
been cut short, they may indeed try again a little later. Since most
Typhos do appreciate quite some light, even sunlight, I advise to let
them go dormant when autumns starts. This means no more fertilising and
using less water. When they grow on in a period when lightintensity or
amount is low, they tend to start parastising on their tubers, which
diminish and become very sensitive to rot. Since their tubers are small,
rot is often quite devastating in a short time. 

Typhos are the next best thing to phalloids...........


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