RE: Typhonium (giganteum) behaviour

Dear Wilbert;
        Oh the embarassment of it all.
        The one time my T. giganteum made seeds I was only a passing
observer -sort of.
        The plant was in most sun and I never saw the flower-not a hint,
but near frost I found a fruit obviously attached to the plant the size
shape and color of a mid-pastel raspberry about 1 inch in diameter. I
totally missed the flower so can't tell you nuttin' about size, color,
shape etc. Alas.
        And I did nothing to encourage fruit set either...I was an
uninvovled seed collector only.
        I separated each fruit segement (each seemed to contain a single
seed) and dried them for about 6 months. I eventually sent a few away and
germinated most of the rest. Sent off a few seedlings and finally planted
the rest outdoors and they have come up again after our cold -14 F winter.
So I now have a colony of seedlings.

        Best I could do.                Thanks          Jim W.

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