RE: Typhonium (giganteum) behaviour

Dear Jim,

My plants never get a frost yet they die down anyway, so I guess they
have a limited growing period and get their thing done in that time in
my conditions. T. giganteum can stand FULL sun and will perform best in
that condition. The leaves may get a little smaller than the outrageous
near 100 cm length mine get in semi-shade but that isn't a problem.

Say, did you get SEEDS on them? How did THAT happen? Mine never do but I
haven't tried to do it by hand (......) yet. Did your plant seed
spontaneously? Did you make a photo of the seedhead? What happened to
the spathe in fruit? Did it remain dried on the fruiting head or was it
shed before that? Thanks for any answers!


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> Dear Wilbert
> 	Give me a few hints. I grow mine in an intemperate climate (got
> to
> -14 F last winter) and T. giganteum comes up late. I have only had
> bloom
> and seed once. I grow mine in a fairly shady site, but the only one to
> bloom was in a mostly sunny site. What can you suggest sunnier or
> shadier?
> They are late in either site.
> 	Mine are still in full leaf now and look very happy. They'll
> stay
> up until frost hits them. Doesn't sound exactly like your experiences.
> 	best	Thanks	Jim
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