Re: Genera of Araceae

I received my copy of the marvelous aroid tome late last week. It is well
worth the price! Thanks again to Peter and the other authors for all their
years of hard, thorough work and to Dewey for making arrangements to get
these books to us. Although I'm not a botanist, I've had sufficient
training in animal (fish) taxonomy and evolutionary biology to appreciate
all the skill, knowledge, dedication, and study that it must have taken to
put this magnificent and extremely informative work together.

To those who have held off purchasing this book, its 382 pages are
copiously illustrated with excellent distribution maps, pen-and-ink
drawings, and color photographs, and a CD-ROM version of the book in PDF
format comes with it as well. There are detailed sections on aroid
history, anatomy, evolution, biology, and ecology in addition to the
taxonomic section which makes up the bulk of the book. 

This the kind of limited edition, comprehensive scientific monograph that
will never decrease in value, and its value on the antiquarian natural
history book market will likely sky-rocket when it eventually goes out of
print, even faster and higher than that of Deni Bown's "Aroids" book did. 

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