Coconut husks

Hello Aroiders,

Maybe I just have the luck of the ignorant.  Last winter I came upon an
Anthurium Clarinervium with ripe seeds,  so I harvested them.  I germinated
them in moist paper towels in baggies and planted them in Pro-mix.  They
are doing great.  All this fuss about coconut husks is only relevant if you
have coconut husks handy.  Last time I checked,  global warming had not
proceeded enough for the coconuts that wash ashore here to take root.

I guess I am missing the fine points of the discussion.  Are anthuriums
more difficult to raise than I have found them to be?  Is there some
aesthetic reason that makes coconut husks a preferred choice?

I don't know how long it will take for my plants to mature and bloom. ( I
have 6)  I hope to get more ripe seeds from the parent plant in a few more
months.  Is there a mechanism within this list for sending seeds to share?

Jaime Rodriguez
P.O. Box 871394
Wasilla, Alaska, 99687
USDA Zone 3 & 4

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