Re: Anthurium 'Small Talk'

Dear Mark,
    Where did you find 'Small Talk'???  'Small Talk' and 'Hearts Desire' are
two I would like to find, but have only found them in a wholesale nursery.
 In case anyone else is interested in some different Anthurium hybrids, and
other plants, here is the wholesale nursery that designs, propogates, then
sells them to wholesale nurseries. <A HREF="
g_list.asp">Oglesby - Product List</A> .  The only problem is how to find the
retail nurseries that the wholesalers sell to.  You might be able to find out
something about their parentage through the nursery.  It seems like they had
a bit of information about one of their plants, but I didn't see anything
about Small talk or Hearts Desire.  I think you'll enjoy their web page.
 'Hearts Desire' is the one I would like to find.  If anyone comes up with a
source....please let me know? 

Good luck,
Sue Zunino

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