Anthurium names anyone?


Can anyone help me to some Anthurium species names?

I happened to see a picture of some plants with in the background an
Anthurium. This Anthurium had very beautiful leaves.

This is difficult to put in writing, but the plant had a leafstalk
of about 1.5 meters and the leave hanging from it was appr. 
120 cms x 40 cm. So a long slender leaf. It looked like it was still a
young plant.

I have no name of the species but I would like to ask you, does anyone
know what kind of Anthurium grows these leaves? Probably there will be
more species with this form or lookalikes.

I would very much like to try these plants and see them grow, I know of 
some growers that sell seeds, but without a name I don't know what
to order.

If there is someone who has some seeds to spare now or in the future,
that would be very nice.

( I know I could look it up the new book 'Genera of Araceae', but that
will have to be a christmas buy )

Thanks everyone! Anne

Mr. Anne Olivier
The Netherlands

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