Re: suggestions sought

It's been only 9 days since your inquiry, and there must be 100 messages
posted since then! It's not usually this busy on aroid-l, and I think yours
must have gotten lost in the dwarf aroids.
You should be able to grow almost any of the Colocasia varieties in the
wetter areas of the pond. Xanthosoma varieties will do better toward the
edges where it dries out more. They will love the full sun and wet
Typhonodorum will probably grow in the wet areas also, but I don't know
where it could be obtained. Colocasia and Xanthosoma are available in
ethnic groceries under various names. Just buy several of each variety and
see where they grow the best.
I planted one Colocasia with a large green leaf and burgandy leafstem in a
wet area and it spread to about 20' by 40' in a years time! You are welcome
to drive to the east coast and dig this and many others if you wish. I'm
near Stuart Florida.
There are lots of aquatic and semi-aquatic aroids that would grow there but
finding them in quantity is always a problem. Anyone else have any

Don Bittel

> From: Paul Draughn Sullivan <>
> To:
> Subject: suggestions sought
> Date: Monday, October 20, 1997 8:18 AM
> I am a new subscriber, and have enjoyed and learned from October's
> mail.  I live in Punta Gorda, Florida, which is zone 9b (my yard never
> seems to hit below freezing, although the county might.) I have a
> retention pond at my office which measures about 40 feet by 150 feet. In
> the wet season (June through September) it may fill with two feet of
> water once every two weeks; this usually drains away in a day or two,
> but every summer I can count two seperate occasions  when the water
> stays in the retention pond for perhaps a week before draining.
>       The soil in the pond is sandy dirt.
>       I am searching for plant, particularly aroids, to plant in the pond so
> that I don't have to look at grass. Currently the whole pond is in full
> sun, except for one small corner. I have four Pachira Aquatica trees
> lanted in the pond and they are thriving. I also have some hydechiums
> that seem to be doing fine.
>       Would any typhenodorums work? Would t. linleyanum work in these
> condition? I am particularly looking for large leafed aroids, but will
> gladly fit in anything interesting.
>       If necessary, I can build a shade cloth over for a portion of the pond.
>       Also, I would very much appreciate a list of sources for any suggested
> plants ( or sources for aroids in general.)
>                               Thanks very much,
>                               Paul D. Sullivan

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