Re: Dracunculus vulgaris cultural requirements?

Hi Marge,

We were lucky enough to go to southern Crete for the last half of May and saw
masses of Dracunculus vulgaris in flower, mostly on rocky hillsides, but also
under trees and on the edges of cultivated areas.   I would say they are not
too fussy as to habitat, but like a rich, well-drained soil which dries out in
summer.   The ones on the hill-sides were in full sun with the corms
underneath rocks, so complete drying out probably does not occur - it was too
early in the year to dig to see.

I am sure you are, but do be aware of the totally repulsive smell of rotting
meat when they are in flower, which lasts until they are polinated.
Definitely not good near the kitchen window!

Simon Wills

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