dracunculus hardiness/ Neighborly Reply

Hi Stacy,
    My garden is located in Southern Indiana, not that far south from
you. Only about 30 miles north and west from Louisville, KY. Listed as
zone 6 here, but get zone 5 frequently.
    I have two forms of Arum italicum in the garden and have had for
years. Both do very well. Arum maculata- again two forms- has done well
for some years. I do not have, but neighbors do, Arum dracunculus and it
seems to do well for them. Do not know if Fraser's Thimble Farms is on
this list, but he has a goodly selection of Arums in his catalog over in
Canada. Perhaps he could comment on hardiness of his different Arum
species. That I would also be interested in seeing.
    Gene Bush     Munchkin Nursery    So IN    Zone 6a
AR>Hi all,
AR>I will probably purchase some dracunculus vulgaris next spring, and I
AR>actually saw a hardiness zone 5 in one of my catalogs.  Is this possible?
AR>Is there any other aroider out there that lives in zone 5 (probably
AR>considered zone 5b, I live in Bloomington, IN)?  What other hardy aroids
AR>besides arisaema can be grown as hardy perennials?
AR>Oh, and another plant of interest - I would like to put some arum italicum
AR>out, but the zone hardiness varies between 4 and 7.  What's the scoop on

AR>Stacy Holtzman                          sholtzma@sunflower.bio.indiana.edu
AR>--- Biology Dept.,  Indiana University, Bloomington, IN 47405 ---

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