Re: dracunculus hardiness

>I live in Bloomington, IN)?  What other hardy aroids
>besides arisaema can be grown as hardy perennials?

The "Wolverine Rotted Meat Cadavour Maggot Leavings Plant" (as it is called
by the locals here), could be a hardy winner.

Otherwise known as the North American East Coast _Symplocarpus foetidus_,
(so-called by fussy, obsessive, naming type people that live in countries
where the plant occurs _not_ naturally.) ... it will nicely accent your
spring garden with the scent of something freshly dug that should have been
well left alone.

It is also called "Skunk Cabbage," by layabouts, refering to its leafly
habit, no doubt. It prefers a semi-bog to moist woodsy clearing habit, but
will grow in acidic soil around conifers. It has an ... interesting ...
inflorescence . I reccommend a close study of it in bloom, especially by
neophytes, in order to appreciate the common attributes of this unusual
northern terrestrial Aroid.



Rand Nicholson
New Brunswick
Maritime Canada, Z 5b

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