Re: Pinellia tripartita - is it a weed?

There's one in every crowd so I may as well own up to it. I've tried a
couple of Pinellias in pots (not the dread ternata) and lost them to rot. A
wet, cool fall was the culprit last year. If you can't get them in the
ground, make sure that the potting medium you use is well drained and
doesn't stay soggy.

As a matter of fact, most of the aroids I grow, indoors and out, are being
planted in a medium full of grit and/or bark, regardless of the species'
needs for moisture. Same with bulbs and other tubers. I've found that
recommended mixtures just don't work for me and need to be opened up
substantially. Although I am not a heavy handed waterer, I figure it is
easier to add more water when needed than to dry something out when its had
too much. I personally feel that the need for air at the
root/tuber/bulb/rhizome cannot be overstated.


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