Re: Arum maculatum

    Thanks for the correction. Should have checked before sending the
message. No spell checker for Latin. I was, indeed referring to Arum
maculatUM. I have not seen the book by Peter, only have the 3 pages in
Deni Brown's book. Could you please post the full name of the book and
the author along with information for purchasing the book you are
referring to here?
    Thank you, Gene
     Gene Bush    Munchkin Nursery    Southern Indiana     Zone 6a

AR>Gene & Jan,

AR>Peter Boyce doesn't list an Arum maculata in his book, nor have I heard
AR>of it. Are you sure you
AR>don't mean Arum maculatum? I believe hort. latin demands "um" for Arum
AR>rather than "a".

AR>Peter describes 34 different forms, ssp., etc of A. maculatum. Pandora
AR>Sellars' beautiful
AR>colored illustration follows page 48 (Plate 1).


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