Re: Smallest Aroids - mini-Acorus

On Fri, 24 Oct 1997, James W. Waddick wrote:

> Dear Carlo, Eduardo et all,
> 	If Eduardo can include Pistia, you might as well consider Lemna,
> Wolfia etc - the smallest of ALL flowering plants. Once included among
> Araceae, now mostly separated.
> 	On the other hand, a really small aroid I have lost and would like
> to replace is a very small form of Acorus gramineus pusillus - unnamed
> small form. This typical acorus-looking plant has foliage under 1 inch in
> height and was perfectly hardy here outdoors like its numerous cousins. It
> is about 1/3 the height of the typical A. gramineus pusillus. Does anyone
> grow this and want to trade?
> 	Best		Jim W.

Dear Jim, 

    I am sorry to notice you that Acorus isn't an aroid anymore. Michael 
Grayum has removed it some time ago, and it has now its own family 

Best wishes,


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