RE: Smallest Aroids - mini-Acorus

>        A. g. 'Minnimus Aureus' is more dwarf than A. g. 'Pusillus' and
>stays short.  I think the A.g. 'Pusillus Aureus' that you mention is this

Dear Tony- et al;
	Yes yes yes, but I don't think I am hallucinating.
	I got a plant many years ago from a German friend that was smaller
then the A.g. 'Pusillus Aureus' that I still grow. It never grew any larger
than 1 inch in height. It was a typical Acorus g. in all aspects except
incredibly tiny. I grew it in the open garden for years -finding it every
few months, but it was totally undemanding and prospered. I think I even
gave divisions around.
	I physically lost it in my garden move, but I do not doubt it's

	I do grow a half dozen or so other various Acorus cvs. variegated
golden leaved various sizes etc. I know the difference.

	Obviously this was a rarer item than I assumed at the time.

	So it goes. 	best 	Jim W.

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