Re: Acorus tatorinowii ???

Dear Mike, Dear James

Two species of Acorus are accepted: A. calamus and A. gramineus  (R=F6st
1978). In A. calamus three caryotypes are distinguished  (Wulf 1954):
The diploid form Acorus calamus var. americanus from N-America and Siberia;
the sterile, triploid A. calamus var. calamus (syn. vulgaris) spreading
from Europe to temperate India (Wulf 1954) ; A. calamus var. angustatus is
found in E-SE-Asia and it differs by tetraploidy. Morphological differences
occur between caryotypes as well as within caryotypes (Bown 1987, pers.
observation). Further, the taxa of Acorus differ slightly in the
composition of secondary metabolites, especially the occurrence of
b-asarone in diploid races (R=F6st 1978, Evstatieva et al. 1996).=20

>From paleontology, Acorus heeri is recorded in N-America. (Dilcher &
Daghlian 1977, Crepet 1978, Bown 1987).

If you have any reference for A. tatorinowii, please tell us

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