Hi James and Matyas,

Hi James and Matyas,
  The plant was collected in China. Kwangan: Changtun Power Station; Yun Wu Shan
range. From the field notes it is described as: Shoots to 25 cm, leaves in
 fan-shaped phyllotaxy,
green.  Inflorescence axillary; spathe green, reflexed; spadix erect. Flowers
 with anthers and
stigma yellow, ovary green. Perennial herb growing in rocks along fast-flowing
  The only thing I know is the name came from a Chinese reference. The collector
 is out of town,
so I can't be any more specific than that. China has had closed doors for such a
 long time, it is
possibly a synonym

Mike Bordelon
Botany Greenhouse
Smithsonian Institution

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