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Sent: 	Thursday, October 30, 1997 10:40 PM
Subject: 	Re: "Symplocarpus nipponicus"

>>Dear Jim,

    I think that Symplocarpus renifolius Schott ex Miq. is distinct from
S.  foetidus (L.) Salisb. I must to confess that I never saw a living
Symplocarpus in my whole life, but I saw a drawing of S. renifolius in an
article (Am. J.  Bot. 80(6):635-640 - 1993) and it seem somewhat different
compared to S.  foetidus. The spathe in S. renifolius didn't seem forming
an apical hook like it usually is formed in the American populations. It
would be a good idea to take a look at the "bible" (The Genera of Araceae) to
check how many species are listed for the genus. I could do it by myself,
but I still don't have the book. 

Best wishes,


My Dear Friend Eduardo,
Do not feel alone, my copy also has not arrived as yet !   Kew sent the free 
ones surface (ship) mail.   I had to borrow a copy from a friend to complete 
the final editing of the galley proofs of my paper for the next copy of 
Aroideana.  By the way, there is a wonderful line drawing in the "bible" that 
clearly illustrates that the tubercles at the base of the plant (Dracontioides 
desciscens) do exist, at least in the Bahia populations.
I added a footnote to indicate this.
Also, a friend has just collected U. grandis in Belize, which is one of the 
range extentions I suggested in the body of my article, so I added another 
footnote !

On Tue, 28 Oct 1997, James W. Waddick wrote:

> Dear Tony et al;
> 	There's a description and key in "Flora of Japan" for Symplocarpus
> nipponicus. This gives you the difference from S. foetidus (which they list
> as S. renifolius !), description etc.
> 	Best		Jim W.
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