Re: A. konjac Question


You are observing typical south Florida behavior for A. konjac and most 
other Amorphophallus. The plants that are growing a new leaf while the older 
leaf is failing are also showing typical behavior. Many of my 
Amorphophallus of almost all species are already dormant or on the way. 
But as usual A. titanum is behaving in its own unpredictable way. Some of 
them are thriving and may or may not go dormant after the first of the 
year. Others are just waking up after several months of slumber.

When the growth on your A. konjac keels over (assuming there is no new 
leaf present), remove the tuber from the medium, and store it in a dry 
place until it begins to awaken again.


Don Burns   Plantation, FL USA   Zone 10b

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