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Date: Thursday, October 01, 1998 10:05 PM
Subject: Anthurium plowmanii flowers

>>Of the plants I have grown from seed Dewey distributed perhaps two
years ago, I have my first flower.  I'll try to take a photo and
post it to the WWW.  It has a faint but pleasant scent.  Can the
flower be self-pollinated?  Any advice on technique woulr be very

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Dear Al,
Some species of Anthurium will produce fruit/seed without another
plant/flower being present (I forget the tech. term for this), but usually
you need a second flower at the right stage to achieve pollenation, and
fruit/seed production.  In Anthurium the spadix is at the "female ready"
stage as soon as the spathe begins to, or is open, and you can see/feel
this, as the little "points" along the entire spadix are wet, and covered
with a tiny drop of liquid for the pollen (from another more mature spadix)
to adhere to.   After this stage, the "points"  turn brown, and the pollen
begins to be produced, starting at the top of the spadix and continuing
downward.  This strategy prevents self pollenation, and ensures cross
Hope this helps.   Maybe Dewey of Tom Croat can say if your species is one
that will develop fruit/seed without pollenation.

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