Re: Dieffenbachia pollenation

Dear Julius,
Thanks. I will become a member soon. I have just been too busy to plan
anything lately. It is good of you to offer to copy the articles, but I
would feel too much like a parasite, seeing I have been so slow in becoming
a member. I will take you up on it later.
I am aware of how poisonous Dieffenbachias are. Every so often I chop some
plants up to start new ones, and working with the bleeding stems is like
washing your hands in glass slivers. About 25 years ago one of the plant
journals had some particularly nasty photos of rabbit eyes that had been
treated with various fractions of Dieffenbachia juice. I also know the
stories of the use of "dumb cane", which I have always suspected to be
myths, though it doesn't matter, as the point is real enough. Has anyone
ever determined for sure whether it is just oxalic acid, or are other
chemicals responsible?  I am careful, and I don't keep children or pets in
the house.
>Dear Walter,
>There were a few (?) articles in some early journals of our society (you
>should become a member!) that explained Dieffenbachia pollenation; it
>involved keeping the humidity around the bloom VERY high by wrapping it in a
>plastic bag.
>If you send me your reg. mail address, I may be able to copy these articles
>for you.
>Be careful of these plants, as the sap can be VERY dangerous.  I have a
>documented case of death ( a young girl) from biting the stem of one of this
>species.  Lots of other "horror" stories about BAD symptoms from contact
>with the sap.
>Best wishes,

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