Re: Dieffenbachia pollenation

>>All this talk about pollen and seeds encourages me to ask about
Dieffenbachia seeds (I have hesitated for months, because you all have such
exotic species).

Dear Walter,
There were a few (?) articles in some early journals of our society (you
should become a member!) that explained Dieffenbachia pollenation; it
involved keeping the humidity around the bloom VERY high by wrapping it in a
plastic bag.
If you send me your reg. mail address, I may be able to copy these articles
for you.
Be careful of these plants, as the sap can be VERY dangerous.  I have a
documented case of death ( a young girl) from biting the stem of one of this
species.  Lots of other "horror" stories about BAD symptoms from contact
with the sap.
Best wishes,

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