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Tom Croat send the message below to me rather than the list so I am 
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Don Burns   Plantation, FL USA   Zone 10b

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Date: Wed, 7 Oct 1998 10:56:30 CST6CDT
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Subject: Re: Aroid tuber storage.. (fwd)


	I leave most of my aroids in the ground until after the first heavy 
freeze just to be able to enjoy them longer and since they provide much of 
my landscape.  Exceptions are anything that has gone dormant already such 
as many of my Sauromatum.   I dig those up in order not to lose track of 
where they are.  Amorphophallus I store in cardboard boxes or paper bags 
in my unheated garage under the house.  Caladium suffer there so I store 
them in paper bags in a heated part of the house.  I just dig them up 
leaves and all and put them into a bag.  They overwintered very nicely.  I 
think I will just leave most of my Pinellia out to overwinter and Arum, of 
course will stay out.  


> Hi...We are slowly aproaching our first frost the end of this month in 
> Zone
> 6...I have a number of aroids in the ground which have done great this 
> year= (my
> first year growing aroids)..What are the recomendations on preparing 
> them >f= or
> winter storage?? Should I dig now and pot up?? Any help wil be 
> apreciated!! Thanks!!
> Mike Bernardoni    

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