Re: FW: New website and E-mail address--Kaichen

>Received the following information from Chen Yi of Kaichen Greenhouse, China
>From: 	chenyi[]
>Sent: 	Thursday, October 08, 1998 4:54 AM
>To: 	Dr. C. R. Waldron
>Subject: 	New website and E-mail address
>Hi Dr. C. R. Waldron,
>My new website and E-mail address as follows.
>  FROM:
>    TO:
>And new website address is:
>Hope this makes life a little easier for you it certainly is more easily
>My old E-mail address will still work until the end of this year.
>Kind regards,
>Chen Yi

Wasn't there some problem with material obtained from this nursery this
past year - regarding health and proper identification.  I certainly don't
want to besmirch them if there is no reason for it, but does anyone have
any information on this?

Don Martinson
Milwaukee, Wisconsin

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