Re: typhonium

     T. divaricatum is a synonym of T. roxburghii, not T. blumei. However, 
     the name T. divaricatum has also been extensively misapplied to plants 
     of T. blumei.
     T. roxburghii and T. blumei can be told apart by the form of the 
     neuter organs above the female zone of the spadix: claw-like and 
     downward-pointing in T. roxburghii and thread-like and curly in T. 
T. giraldii and T. giganteum var. giraldii have been treated as synonyms of T. 
giganteum in the last revision of this genus (Sriboonma et al., J. Fac. Sci. 
Univ. Tokyo Sect. III, 15: 255-313 (1994)).

Alistair Hay

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Subject: typhonium
Author:  <> at mailgate
Date:    10/19/98 10:28 AM

        Several years ago, I got two bulbs from Jim Waddick, Typhonium
and T. giganteum.  Both have flowered regularly, and upon further research, 
the RHS lists T. blumei as a synonym.  Also, the Japanese picture aroid book 
that many of us purchased has a photo of T. blumei, which is the same plant. 
  Jim tells me that he originally identified it from a photo in 
Iconographia. It looks like it's pretty reliably hardy here in zone 7
        As for T. giganteum, Jim tells me that several folks have instead called
it T. giraldii.  RHS uses T. giganteum v. giraldii. This one has been 
reliable in zone 7 also, and I think Jim also indicated it was reliable in 
zone 6. 
        Any help to clear these taxonomic issues would be most
appreciated....Wilbert, et al.
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